A Quick Course in Public Speaking

You would think that I would be an expert at public speaking, considering my profession. I have been a lawyer for nearly 12 years. Normally, a lawyer is an expert public speaker since the vast majority appear in the courtroom on a regular basis. It wouldn’t do a legal expert much good if he stumbled and got flustered while talking. For me though, I was a behind the scenes lawyer. I worked mostly on contracts and corporate taxes. I knew that I needed to get some help, and I found it in the way of verkooptraining.

It all started when one of my clients was facing a very serious audit.

It was severe enough that the courts were getting involved, and I was one of his legal representatives. I did not want to look like a bumbling fool, so I knew that I needed to take a crash course in public speaking. I did some research on my computer, and that is how I found the one day course being offered. What really impressed me about this was not only their success rate but their overall program for it, considering that it is merely ten hours long.

I made the reservation immediately as class sizes are limited to six people. I read the goals that would be achieved in this along with the overview and approach, and I was convinced that this ten hour public speaking course could get me on the right track. It worked too, because I was in court less than two weeks later. I was not only able to hold my own, but I was able to convince the judge in no time why my client was being railroaded. I was not nervous, and I didn’t stumble with my words one time. That was the best money I have spent in years!