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Advantages of DNA Extractions

People have different abilities and that is why some can be scientist others cannot venture to scientific field because it is demanding but those who become scientist at the long run, have done great work in changing the world. One of the ways the scientist has been able to come up with many things is through the use of scientific methods to explain the events of nature. DNA extractions are as a result of scientist using different scientific methods in trying to explain nature both in plants and animals. Today, the world is a beneficiary of the scientific methods especially when it comes to DNA extractions that scientists have managed to come up with. The following are some of the importance of DNA extractions the society.

If you want to identify a person, DNA extractions can help you in doing that. There are natural disasters that can cause a person to be damaged behold recognition and such a time identifying your beloved one can be very hectic but through the use of DNA extractions, it is possible to know is who is who. On the hand, genetic extractions can also be used when you want to identify criminals who have committed a criminal in a specific place by collecting the genetic materials which can be instrumental in notifying the person also called DNA profiling. DNA extractions can also be used when the court orders for DNA paternity testing especially where there is conflict about a child belonging to a person that is rejecting them or a person that is wanting a child but doesn’t belong to them and the problem can be solved using the DNA paternity test.

There are many pharmaceutical products that you buy in the market for use today and it is important to note that some of them are made through DNA extractions.Examples of such pharmaceutical products that you use includes products such as the hepatitis B vaccines and also the famous insulin.

There are many fields in the world the using genetic engineering which is through DNA extraction. It is important to note that the scientists have come up with ways of altering or modifying animals and plants. It is very relieving to the farmers or agriculturalists because using DNA extractions, the plant can be modified by using different methods such as selecting the best organism with the pest-resistant traits then injecting it into the plant making it pest resistant. There are many varieties of seedlings that you can buy today in the market that have been made by the agricultural companies using the DNA extractions because such species are seedlings are very beneficial for the phone because of the pest and weed resistant.

The scientists have managed to alter the genes of animals using the DNA extractions in the cases are many that you can look at. There are amazing trials that many scientists have tried it comes to DNA transplant in animals, for example, they attempted transplanting jellyfish DNA into pigs.On the hand, they have also tried used in DNA extractions in cloning human beings.

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