Statistics About Divorce Rates Do Not Mean Couples in Troubled Relationships Should Feel Hopeless

When reading relationship rescue academy reviews, a couple who has been struggling with their relationship and considering divorce may start to feel some hope. They may be very interested in an intensive workshop lasting just a few days instead of weekly counseling sessions that go on for months. If they could gain some significant insight into their problems over the course of three days and learn how to communicate again, they could rejuvenate and transform their marriage.

Statistics Discrepancies

This couple may have felt pessimistic about their chances, hearing so often that half of marriages end in divorce. However, that commonly cited statistic is misguided because it is generalized over all types of marriages. Some categories of marriage have much higher divorce rates than others do. For example, first marriages tend to fare better than second, third or fourth ones. Even then, couples often can work out their problems with renewed dedication and commitment. They need some guidance that can be provided in an intensive marriage retreat.

Reasons for a Declining Divorce Rate

The divorce rate in the United States has actually been declining for many years. Researchers posit some theories about why that is. One theory is that people in general are waiting longer than they used to before marrying. Getting married right out of high school is a risk factor for divorce, even though many of those young marriages succeed. Couples getting married mainly because of pregnancy is another risk factor for splitting up, and deciding to marry for this reason today is much less common than it used to be.

New Statistics

New statistics show that the highest the divorce rate ever reached in this country was about 41 percent. Couples who married in the early 1980s were most prone to getting divorced. Since that time, the divorce rate has been going down. The divorce rate for couples who got married in the 1990s dropped to about 35 percent, and that rate is still declining. Whether problems in a marriage are due to gradual deterioration of the relationship or a significant crisis, an intensive private retreat with a marriage therapist can help them move forward together.